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karmi-care Enterprises

  • Flourish Household & Industrial Detergents’ for all your cleaning & hygiene use in your esteemed establishments.
  • Flourish Household & Industrial Detergents’ have been tried, tested and proven to be of superior quality and thus ideal as an ultimately efficient cleaning and disinfecting solution.

Manufacturers of 'flourish' brands of quality household and industrial detergents

1. "flourish" Multi-purpose washing detergent, washes clothes, household and industrial surfaces, common areas, toilets, bathrooms, sinks and windows
2. "flourish" Car Shampoo...an 'easy on the colours' tough on the dirt fragranced shampoo for a fabulous exterior look and a homely interior feel
3. "flourish" Disinfectant is the hygienic way to live. For all surfaces, industrial or domestic, really gets all the germs, all the time.

More quality products coming soon.......

Pricing of the same is well costed and considerately so, to your economical requirements.

Terms of trade are flexible and we urge you to contact us for further details

P.O.Box 18894 – 00500,
Nairobi, Kenya

Mob: 0722-646082, 0723-587825

Email: karmicare@gmail.com