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How To Register

  1. Regular Listing Registration Form v1.0 Download
  2. Premium Listing Registration Form v1.0 Download
  3. Premium Plus Listing registration Form v1.0 Download
  • To fill out the latitude and longitude coordinates of your business addresses/locations on the Premium Plus listing registration forms Click here 
    1. Fill in the address of your business location e.g. Nairobi/Kenya.(at the top bar)
    2. Zoom in and Pan to your business location on the map.
    3. Click on Center Red Marker (button is at the left segment below the map)
    4. Drag and drop the red marker to your desired business location (hint: for accuracy the shadow cross of the marker should fall at the exact location). 
    5. Get the latitude and longitude of that point on the bottom left segment of the page. Copy and Paste these on the respective sections of the form.
    6. Repeat process for each unique location 
      • Make your payment (for Premium and Premium Plus listing plan)
      • Confirm your transaction code
      • Revert filled out form