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Why Should You Enlist?

Registering your business with Kenya Biz Directory is a very wise move to increase the prospects of your business.

Where some people distribute their pamphlets, cards or offer various promotional services and products, you can maximize on your advertising and register your biz in our directory.

Our online biz directory has lots to offer if you get registered. The major advantages of getting registered are:

 Prospective clients can now more easily than ever get directions to you business premise or service location.
 Promotes the visibility of your local businesses in a higher place in comparison to ancient methods of advertising.
 Strengthens your relationships with the existing buyers, customers and clients by updating valuable information regarding your company online.
 You can acquire the customers of your competitors, as your company will be much more visible and updated attracting and promising the customers of quality services.
 You can always remain in the sight and mind of your customers by offering only website coupons and special promotions.
 No restrictions regarding the quantity of the content that you can include in the business directory.
 You can upload your product’s pictures, menu and service records along with your very own business URL.
 You can add a link on your company website and back linking to your post on our website or add the address on your business cards so that customers find it very easy to access you and thus avail your services.
 Keep your prospective customers duly informed about your new products, business hours, special offers and discounts.
 Increase your website’s quality traffic flow by submitting your company’s Internet page to the leading search engines.
 As increasing number of consumers are availing the facility of the Internet, it is very easy for them to spot your company and seek services.

The best part about getting registered is that once you have registered, you will keep progressing as your business is exposed to a large populace inland and abroad. Moreover, you do not even need to possess a personal computer to keep checking your company’s status on the online business directory, and you merely have to avail a hosting service for Internet.

After registering with Kenya Biz Directory, the sales quotient of your business is highly likely to improve considerably and you can happily cater to the needs of your clients.