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Get your advert on this site by subscribing to any of the following zones

    Zone                                                                Price   

Top Banner 470 x 60, Top Left                        KShs. 2500/= 
*1 ad displayed at a time                                       

125x125 Sidebar Banners                                KShs. 1000/= 
125 x 125, Top Right
*4 ads displayed at the same time                          

Large - Sidebar Center                                    Kshs. 3500/=
300 x 250, Middle Right
*1 ad displayed at a time                                      

To have your company logo presented on the Featured Companies section on the mid sidebar will cost you:
        Monthly fee:  KShs. 500/=   (Payable half yearly or yearly)

If you have any upcoming event we shall post it for you for FREE, just email us the details and attach images if any. We then shall take care of the rest.