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karmi-care Enterprises

  • Flourish Household & Industrial Detergents’ for all your cleaning & hygiene use in your esteemed establishments.
  • Flourish Household & Industrial Detergents’ have been tried, tested and proven to be of superior quality and thus ideal as an ultimately efficient cleaning and disinfecting solution.

Manufacturers of 'flourish' brands of quality household and industrial detergents

1. "flourish" Multi-purpose washing detergent, washes clothes, household and industrial surfaces, common areas, toilets, bathrooms, sinks and windows
2. "flourish" Car Shampoo...an 'easy on the colours' tough on the dirt fragranced shampoo for a fabulous exterior look and a homely interior feel
3. "flourish" Disinfectant is the hygienic way to live. For all surfaces, industrial or domestic, really gets all the germs, all the time.

More quality products coming soon.......

Pricing of the same is well costed and considerately so, to your economical requirements.

Terms of trade are flexible and we urge you to contact us for further details

P.O.Box 18894 – 00500,
Nairobi, Kenya

Mob: 0722-646082, 0723-587825

Email: karmicare@gmail.com


Safaricom Sevens (annual)

The Safaricom Sevens is Africa's leading seven-a-side rugby tournament. Since the event first took place in 1996, it has grown steadily in strength and prestige. Sevens rugby squads travel from around the world to compete each year.

when: 4 - 6 Jun 2010
where: Rugby Football Union of East Africa Grounds
Location: Ngong Road, Nairobi, Kenya

Website: www.safarisevens.com


Rhino Charge (annual)

Rattling through the African bush, a map juddering on your knee, brush crashing around your ears amid the danger of territorial animals... you're on the Rhino Charge, an annual 4WD rally race held in the Kenyan bush.

Each team brings its own 4WD vehicle, and competitors are given the locations of "guard posts" in the bush. They head off into the wilds around and the team that covers the least distance to get to all the posts is the winner.

This extreme test of driving skills and physical endurance is recognized as the toughest off-road challenge in the world.

when: 31 May 2010

Email: rhinoark@wananchi.com

Website: www.rhinocharge.co.ke


Office Romance

Office romance is fairly common these days as the office is where we spend so much of our time. Handled well it can lead to a relationship. Handled badly it can lead to a lawsuit for harassment.

It is not surprising that romance springs up at the office. We spend a third or more of our lives in the office or other places of work. It is a non-threatening environment where we have an opportunity to meet potential dating partners and learn more about them than just what they look like. Yet romantic involvement between employees is loaded with dangers for both the employees and for their employer.

Many companies tried to ban dating among their employees. Most have since abandoned that plan, because of legal restrictions and a recognition of the inevitable. Instead most now try to restrict such activities that are harmful to the business.

Is it appreciated?
If you are going to allow employees "coming on" to other employees, you have to first make very clear the company policy on harassment. If an employee is not interested in, or receptive to, an advance from another employee, it should end there. Playing around, verbal sparring, etc. are appropriate preludes to dating, but only if the receiving party is comfortable with them. If you have a harassment policy, make it very clear all employees. If you don't have one, you need to generate one right now.

Is it appropriate?

In most cases, mutually-agreeable relationships between employees pose no danger to the company. However, there are instances where they are inappropriate and may be harmful to the company and its interest. For instance, it is never a good idea for a manager to be romantically involved with a subordinate in their own organization. Situations such as this should be clearly spelled out in the company policy as inappropriate and subject to corrective action.

What are the downsides?
Some of the downsides are preventable. Others aren't. If two employees marry and have children, one employee may leave the company to raise the children. There is nothing you can, or should do, about this except be prepared to hire a replacement.

The downside with the biggest danger to the company is when a relationship between employees breaks apart. In many cases, the employees will handle it like adults and move on with their respective lives. In other cases, the resulting unpleasantness may require transferring one or both employees to new roles. An employee may file a claim of harassment, even if your policy is very clear and is enforced. In an extreme case, the emotional stress may lead an employee to lash out and commit an act of violence.

What are the upsides?

The upside to romance in the office is that you will have some happy workers. When people are happy they tend to be more productive and have fewer health issues. When partners work for the same employer, they have someone they can talk with about their activities and problems at work who understands and can help them resolve the issues

Guess companies should institute “love contracts” that ensure they are not responsible for the behavior that occurs within the context of the relationships.