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How To Beat Your Competition

Business is war, without doubt. Competitors want to beat you to earn more money. The stream of money in a market isn’t infinite, so everyone wants his share. That’s why the bigger companies use competitive intelligence and do a lot to be better and stand above their competitors. Online, people tend to work together or leave their competitors alone. I never see people actively competing and trying to be better (and pointing that out to their prospects!) Why is that actually? And how do you become better then your competitor and show that to your prospects?

Here are a few simple ways to crush your competitors…

Start by asking your clients if they wanted to share their experiences on paper, audio and video. Ask them specifically about why you are better then your competitors, this will give you the information to put into your marketing materials.  

Is spying on your competitors to improve your own products and services stealing? Is it illegal? Actually it isn’t. It’s done everywhere and most information is the same in many products as well as many services are exactly the same. Could you then accuse someone for stealing?

Of course not!

I recommend you study your competitors, buy their products, use their services, be on their lists. Then use the information you find to improve your own products. Don’t copy of course, but use the information wisely. Point out the flaws of your competition (in general, don’t name any names!) in your marketing materials. Let your prospect know why you’re better!

And when someone then accuses you of stealing and blocks you from their site or cancels your membership - then just tell them they’re scared. In the end your competition is scared of you finding their secrets. Business is war, grab your weapons and crush your enemies!